Turkish coffee night, student film screening at Turkish Cultural Center Buffalo 5/28/11

Hosted by the Turkish Cultural Center Buffalo

Rob, Drorah, Nadia, Tevfik attended – great food, company, films, and (of course) delicious Turkish coffee.

Presentation by SUNY-Fredonia professors Ted Schwalbe PhD, Nefin Dinç (Nefin’s latest documentary theothertown.com).

SUNY-Fredonia project with 72 students in 6 smaller cities in Turkey (Antakya, Artvin, Edirne, Konya, Mardin, Sivas).

Sponsored by US State Department.

Summary of project and all films at www.filmturkey.net..

Goal to tell a story about social issues (e.g. democracy, women’s rights).

Students selected through interviews based on who came up with the most interesting ideas,  best stories to tell.Inflatalbe Games

Screenings in Diyarbakir, Istanbul, New York, Boston, Washington DC

Films from 5-20 minutes long

18 films created on essentially no budget, only 21 days of student training

Film – Love in One Breath (8 min)

About whirling dervishes & making of reed flute, analogy to human suffering and retribution/growth/maturity.

“… [best] word to describe a life fully lived is patiencethe reed flute [represents] love…” (Rumi references.)

Film – When the Plum Trees Bloom (6 min)

About 1980 coup-de-tat in Turkey

Love story, she asks ‘when will spring be for us?’. He sends a letter her, then is hung by his captors.

Symbolism of the plum tree blossoming

Film – 15 Steps Ahead (18 min)

Woman running for office (mayor/supervisor) in Sivas

Interviews with townspeople about her prospects; opinions about whether she should run for office or stay home; good or bad for the town; who would vote for her, who would never vote for her; who is  stronger and more responsible, men or women

6 local politicians died in helicopter crash during campaign

Male candidate wins

“I am a woman, I know what I can achieve…”

Gift giving after meal by host as payment for “renting your tooth” (I won a beautiful tie!)

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