Vision / Mission

Vision Statement

As Muslims, Jews, Christians, secular humanists, and people of all other faiths and belief systems in Western New York, we seek to promote understanding, trust, and friendship  by coming to know one another as individuals, by learning more about each others religious, cultural, and life experiences, and by sharing our learning with the public. We also wish to help the less fortunate among our WNY neighbors through joint projects for the benefit of those in need. We trust that our efforts will contribute to building a more open, kind, and tolerant American society, so that our children and grandchildren may grow up together in peace, friendship, and cultural harmony.

Mission Statement

In order to fulfill our vision, we commit our organization to the following principles and endeavors:

We honor the inherent dignity of every human being and the sacredness of human life. We commit ourselves to considerate and respectful behavior in our interactions with one another.

Whenever incidents of intolerance or violence occur against our own or other faith/belief communities, we will stand together to defend the rights of all.

We invite the public to participate in educational and social events, for the purpose of advancing knowledge and fostering wider friendships and trust.

We are eager to work together with people of all faiths and belief systems to foster projects of benefit to the larger Western New York community. We are interested especially in efforts that will assist our neighbors in need of food, health care, and other necessities of life.

Approved unanimously at the Building Bridges in WNY monthly meeting 10/9/12, updated 12/22/2016 & 1/2/2017 by Dr. Rob Stall.

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