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Building Bridges in WNY Stan Bratton interviews Rob Stall on Crossroads 5-16-10
Ground Zero Mosque panel discussion 9-29-10

A Land Called Paradise
All-American Muslim TLC TV show
Brother From Another Mother Rabbi Steve Gross talks about Muslim friend Sharaq
Can Jews and Muslims Get Along? Ahmadiyya interfaith event
Congressman King Hearing panel discussion Olive Branch Program #1 by
Debbie Friedman Tribute L’Chi Lach (“go to yourself”)
Finding a Religious Common Ground CBS News 12-26-10
Islamic School PBS 12-10-10
Islamophobia for Dummiez
Let’s revive the Golden Rule TED talk by Karen Armstrong
Muslims Speak Out interview of Dr. Khalid Qazi by Rich Kellman 12-09
Praises of the Prophet from New York Public Library Three Faiths Exhibit
Random Acts of Kindness
Rabbi Hirschfield Youtube
Rabbi Kula Youtube
Scroll of Esther from New York Public Library Three Faiths Exhibit
Tarra & Bella – The Elephant in the Room
The Turkish Passport 11-9-11
Unwanted: Muslims Next Door CNN program with Soledad O’Brien
What’s Really In the Quran TED talk by Lesley Hazleton 10-10-10
Would you stop Muslim discrimination? ABC News 8-6-10 Youtube version

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  1. Tevfik Kosar says:

    Dear All:

    I just came across this new documentary called “The Turkish Passport”, which was first shown at the Cannes Film Festival in France this year, and received several international awards afterwards. It shows the solidarity between the Turkish and Jewish people in the context of “Holocaust”.

    It tells the story of diplomats posted to Turkish Embassies and Consulates in several European countries, who saved numerous Jewish people during the Holocaust. They also rescued foreign Jews condemned to a certain death by giving them Turkish Passports. In this dark period of history, their actions lit the candle of hope and allowed these people to travel to Turkey, where they found light.

    You can see the trailer of the documentary here:


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