If you’re overworked and yet lonely, consider signing up for Coffee Meets Bagel

If you’re overworked and yet lonely, consider signing up for Coffee Meets Bagel


While some people are skilled at approaching strangers at the weekly kegger, others — ahem, like you — have a habit of running away when faced with a person they find attractive. It’s okay — that’s where Happn comes in. As a dating app based on your specific GPS location, you never have to regret that cutie you chickened out talking to last Saturday night. Though it might seem a tad on the creepy side at first glance, the idea behind the app is smart. After all, if you could go back and reconnect with every beautiful woman you walked past but didn’t strike up a conversation with, wouldn’t you?

When you sign up for Happn via your Facebook account, you’ll have to allow your phone to geo-locate you so it can start tracking your steps. With a minimal profile, the true conversation starters are based on the places you both frequent, like the campus coffee shop, the biology lab and perhaps that sorority house where your could-be wife practices her dance moves. After you’ve both said “I know you!” to one another, you can begin your chatting convo before actually making the move in the real life. Pro tip though? This app is legendary for draining your battery since your GPS is on 24/7, so carry an extra battery pack or be specific about when you give it permission to know your whereabouts.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Here’s the deal: you want to find love. But also: you want to excel in your studies, contribute to the student council, apply — and earn! — the best internships, get into graduate school and eventually, become president. For those with high expectations and lofty goals for themselves, dating can often feel like a time-consuming task with no clear end in sight. It’s a bummer, but also a hard, cold fact of the process of meeting a special someone.

Unlike apps where the onus is on you to swipe until you find bbw lovely singles dating a match, the app sends you targeted, specialized singles based on your preferences every day at noon. That’s where the name comes from: nearly everyone can take ten minutes to drink a coffee, so why not open it up and see if your one-and-only bagel is hanging out in the pool of eligibles? Since the app wanted to be sensitive to privacy, you can also filter your experience so you’re only matched with fellow students and alumni that match what you’re looking for, whether by department, age or major.


While religion isn’t a deal breaker for everyone, a person’s belief systems can be a major factor in the staying power of the relationship. If you fall into the boat of singles who would prefer their partner practice the same religious customs as you do, turn your attention to three specific apps that cater to this demographic. While JSwipe helps the Jewish community connect to one another, Minder does the same for Muslims, while CDate brings Christians together. All of these dating apps are free and you can use your Facebook profile to log in and start the selection process. Considering many people begin to define their values while in college, as they’re exposed to people from all over the country and world, keep in mind that no users have to “prove” their religious beliefs to join these apps. While it might not be a sexy opener, if your principles are truly paramount to you, make it a priority to inquire when you match with someone to prevent yourself from disappointment. The same goes if you’re browsing through profiles but you aren’t quite solidified on your own thoughts toward God — don’t be afraid to be upfront, as some singles would be open to expressing their reasoning over coffee.


Been there, swiped that? If you’ve been single since, say, freshman year, you’ve likely worn out your interest on the traditional dating apps. For a step out of the normal, download Hater, which doubles both as a matchmaker and source of entertainment, since it caters to a specific theme: pairing people together not on what they like, but on what they dislike. As the name suggests, most of the activity on Hater isn’t browsing through profiles, but thumbing your way through various activities, people, food and events, deciding what makes your blood boil. These might include everything from Nicholas Cage and avocado toast to vampire movies — the list goes on.

Once you’ve spent time going through their myriad of potentially-annoying items, you can then turn your attention to the singles, where you can see how many forms of hatred you mutually share. Hey, for some, this sarcastic — and funny — approach is nearly as solid as foreplay. Just remember, since this app is far more lighthearted – and game-like than others, you might encounter those who are looking for a more casual connection.

If you’re currently in college, dating apps are a great way to meet new people and find a romantic connection. The trick is just finding the right app for you.

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