1 Girl, 2 Guys In A Polyamorous Relationship Raising A Young Child In Topanga

1 Girl, 2 Guys In A Polyamorous Relationship Raising A Young Child In Topanga

TOPANGA (CBS) — “Three’s Company” is not only a tv program; it will be the method some individuals live. They’ve been having numerous, intimate relationships during the exact same some time every person involved is aware of one another. It’s called polyamory.

We talked having a polyamorous family — one woman and two men — living under the exact same roof and increasing a kid.

“ we have to call home my entire life in a fashion that is extraordinary. We have become whom I would like to be and experience the things I would you like to experience,” Jaiya Ma stated.

Ma, 34, has been around a relationship for ten years with Jon Hanauer, a 49-year-old heterosexual.

“Oh yeah, It’s sort of head boggling,” Hanauer stated about his love for Ma.

Then there is Ma’s more boyfriend that is recent 44-year-old Ian Ferguson, that is additionally heterosexual.

This is actually the twist, all of them reside together in a home in Topanga, raising 2-year-old Eamon — Ma and Ferguson’s son.

This polyamorous triad began whenever Ma took for a fan at Hanauer’s demand.

“We had gone via a actually rough situation – really rough. And my style of method of working with things is is fling com legit always to just retreat and to variety of heal,” Hanauer stated.

This is where she came across Ferguson at a party course, fell in love, and — with Hanauer’s blessing — became pregnant.

“I keep in mind Ian being appropriate in the front of me personally, i am talking about this man was present beside me for several of but 60 minutes of my 20-hour work, where he had been simply gazing within my eyes. Jon had been behind me personally offering me personally a therapeutic massage and cleaning my locks. I’m pampered, Ma stated.

Whether single or married, gay or directly, a lot more people are surviving in polyamorous lifestyles. By estimates some 500,000 Us americans are polyamorous.

“For us it is perhaps maybe perhaps not about dating a lot of individuals or sex that is having a lot of men and women. That is a really deep relationship. I do believe the potentiality is had by us to love one or more individual,” Ma stated.

Regarding providing when it comes to product, Ferguson’s furniture design company will pay the bills. Hanauer takes proper care of Eamon and chores in the home, that allows Ma, a sexologist that is renowned to pay attention to her profession.

“I favor it. Personally I think it all like I have. Personally I think like We have a partner that is in solution, would you a complete great deal of things at home, whom assists take care of my son. And somebody would you large amount of work and brings house the bacon,” Ma stated.

But would you she sleep with through the night?

“We actually all have separate areas in the home. I do believe solutions once I have actually emotions for various one of those, simply because they satisfy various requirements in me,” she said. “So for Jon it could be when I’m feeling more emotional. Ian’s whenever, you realize, you simply wish one thing good,” she included.

“We get on. Yes,” Hanauer stated regarding their relationship with Ferguson. “I do get jealous, but i am aware, we place it in viewpoint.”

“In regards to my relationship, my powerful with Jaiya and Jon, there wasn’t any feeling of envy. There’s simply a feeling of comfort,” Ferguson said.

That convenience, they stated, is essential with regards to increasing Eamon.

Hanauer will not think about him become their son.

“No. We don’t go here. We don’t think that’s fair to him. I am called by him their Jon, their protector, their caretaker. I’m perfect with that,” he said.

Ideal is just just exactly how this household views life now. Such as any normal home, there’s always a battle to get stability. However for this polyamorous household, they stated the important thing is with in coping with a available heart.

“I think a number of the great things about polyamory relationships, that think anyone in monogamous relationship may use study from and make use of, is great interaction. It’s a much much much deeper and much more profound experience, for several,” Ma stated.

There was a research being carried out at Georgia State University from the impact polyamorous relationships have actually on kids.

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